Our Mission

Our aim is to provide the most cost effective program for our national account partners; providing a higher level of visibility, quality, and control in the construction process.

To accomplish this through the development of a pre-negotiated facility package, at a pre-negotiated price, that suits the individual customer’s needs.

To serve as an extension of the owner, always considering the proper balance between design, functionality, necessity and budget - without sacrificing durability and quality.


Professional Services

PDN Group is a construction material supply company headquartered in Austin, TX. Our areas of emphasis are Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Specialties. We work directly with owners, developers, and their representatives to provide a streamlined procurement process. We provide exceptional service and logistics, competitive pricing, and an extensive product offering.


Inventory is maintained at eight distribution centers across North America. The strategic placement of warehouses means most items are at your facility within one or two days. Advanced logistical technology is utilized to guarantee accurate delivery. We have a high level of accountability to offer you peace of mind. Packing lists are double and triple checked using RFI technology, and Orange biodegradable wrap is used for easy identification.


Have you ever needed to replace or repair a part and have no idea who made it or what the part number is? Warranty administration allows us to track your products and utilize the manufacturer’s warranties as needed.

When is the best time to engage PDN Group in the construction process?

As early as possible. If a project is on a tight timeline, it is not unusual for our facility package to be negotiated and inventoried before a General Contractor has even been selected. We will provide submittals and other technical data to the design team. Our responsibility is to have your ‘as specified’ materials inventoried and ready to ship to accommodate your construction schedule.

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